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ACATIO is the Your connection to Real Estate Brokers and other services to help monetize Your home buying transaction.  You are now the real estate...


Are you a home buyer?  ACATIO is a free service to help you monetize your home buying transaction, if you live in one of the 40 states where buyer rebates are legal (see list below).  It is time to make and save money on your home purchase.


Our first action is to put your profile out for bid to real estate brokers in the area you are looking to purchase.  Real estate brokers will bid by offering you their highest buyer rebate out of their commission. Then you choose the agent you want to work with based on their profile and rebate offered. This is money in your pocket at closing that you may be missing out on if your agent is not offering it from their brokerage. 


Most buyers are unaware that home buyer rebates are legal in 40 states.  Why shouldn't your real estate broker share their commission with you as a Buyer?  You are probably doing the home search yourself on websites like Zillow and and just need the agent to open  the door and then prepare the written offer. Unfortunately, these states prohibit Buyer Rebates:  Oregon, Alaska, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

Rebate Example - on a $400,000 purchase and a potential 1.25% Buyer Rebate, the real estate Broker will pay you $5000 at closing out of their commission. If you are not getting a rebate from your Broker, you are leaving money on the table. 


Please note that your lender (if applicable) has to approve the rebate and the purchased property must be listed by a real estate brokerage offering a minimum 3% commission to the real estate buyer broker representing you that you choose, which is a majority of listings.  You must sign a Buyer Brokerage Agreement with them and limit showings to 20 homes or less. We can also help you save money or get rebates on the other services below to put even more money in your pocket.  Your purchase of real estate is a profit center for many industries. Let us help you harness this power and get you money in your pocket that is currently going in theirs.

cash home buyer.jpeg

Let us send your profile to mortgage banks to get them to bid for your business.

We will have home warranty companies send you great rates to compare.

ACATIO will send your profile out to home inspectors to bid on your business.

Title insurance and closing fees are a big profit center for closing offices.  Let us help find you a great deal on these services.

There are many security companies out there, let us get them to bid for your security system contract.

We will send your profile to home insurance agencies in your area to get you a great deal.

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